oncology QUIZ

1. A male client has an abnormal result on a Papanicolaou test. After admitting, he read his chart while the nurse was out of the room, the client asks what dysplasia means. Which definition should the nurse provide?

a. Presence of completely undifferentiated tumor cells that don't resemble cells of the tissues of their origin
b. Increase in the number of normal cells in a normal arrangement in a tissue or an organ
c. Replacement of one type of fully differentiated cell by another in tissues where the second type normally isn't found
d. Alteration in the size, shape, and organization of differentiated cells


2. For a female client with newly diagnosed cancer, the nurse formulates a nursing diagnosis of Anxiety related to the threat of death secondary to cancer diagnosis. Which expected outcome would be appropriate for this client?

a. "Client verbalizes feelings of anxiety."
b. "Client doesn't guess at prognosis."
c. "Client uses any effective method to reduce tension."
d. "Client stops seeking information."


3. A male client with a cerebellar brain tumor is admitted to an acute care facility. The nurse formulates a nursing diagnosis of Risk for injury. Which "related-to" phrase should