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1. A nurse is teaching an adolescent with inflammatory bowel disease about treatment with corticosteroids. Which adverse effects are concerns for this client? Select all that apply.

1. Acne 
2. Hirsutism 
3. Mood swings 
4. Osteoporosis 
5. Growth spurts 
6. Adrenal suppression

2. A nurse is conducting an examination of a 6-month-old baby. During the examination, the nurse should be able to elicit which reflex?

1. Babinski's
2. Startle
3. Moro's
4. Dance

3. When teaching a parent of a school-age child about signs and symptoms of fever that require immediate notification of the physician, which description should the nurse include?

1. Burning or pain with urination
2. Complaints of a stiff neck
3. Fever disappearing for longer than 24 hours, then returning
4. History of febrile seizures

4. After being hospitalized for status asthmaticus, a child, age 5, is discharged with prednisone (Deltasone) and other oral medications. Two weeks later, when the child comes to the clinic for a checkup, the nurse instructs the mother to gradually decrease the dosage of prednisone, which will be discontinued. The mother asks why prednisone must be discontinued. How should the nurse respond?