1. A patient approached the nurse asking for advice on how to deal with his alcohol addiction.The nurse should tell the client that the only effective treatment for alcoholism is:


a.       Psychotherapy

b.       Alcoholics anonymous (A.A.)

c.       Total abstinence

d.       Aversion Therapy


2. A nurse is caring for a male client who experiences false sensory perceptions with no basis in reality. This perception is known as:


a.       Hallucinations

b.       Delusions

c.       Loose associations

d.       Neologisms


3. A nurse is caring for a female client who has a suicidal tendency. When accompanying the client to the restroom, the nurse should…

a.       Give her privacy

b.       Allow her to urinate

c.       Open the window and allow her to get some fresh air

d.       Observe her


4. You're developing a plan of care for a female client with anorexia nervosa. Which action should the nurse include in the plan?


a.       Provide privacy during meals

b.       Set-up a strict eating plan for the client

c.       Encourage client to exercise to reduce anxiety

d.       Restrict visits with the family


5. A client is experiencing with an anxiety attack. The most appropriate nursing intervention should include?


a.       Turning on the television

b.       Leaving the client alone

c.       Staying with the client and speaking in short sentences

d.       Ask the client to play with other clients


6. A female client is admitted with a diagnosis of delusions of GRANDEUR. This diagnosis reflects a belief that one is:


a.       Being Killed

b.       Highly famous and important

c.       Responsible for evil world

d.       Connected to client unrelated to oneself


7. A 20-year-old client was diagnosed with dependent personality disorder. Which behavior is not most likely to be evidence of ineffective individual coping?


a.       Recurrent self-destructive behavior

b.       Avoiding relationship

c.       Showing interest in solitary activities

d.       Inability to make choices and decision without advice


8. A male client is diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder. Which signs would this client exhibit during social situation?


a.       Paranoid thoughts

b.       Emotional affect

c.       Independence need