Which combination of fruits, teas, and herbs to put into your water bottle fruit infuser?



Fruit infused water allows limitless combinations of fresh fruit, teas and herbs which is an alternative to plain water and removes the temptation of sugary drinks.  Your options are endless when it comes to creating healthy, fresh fruit infused water! 


Here are some combinations of fruit infused water that you will surely love:



1. Strawberry + Kiwi. This combination is good for increasing your immune system, regulates blood sugar, good for digestion and your cardiovascular health.  









2. Cucumber + Lime + Lemon. These tasty trio helps prevent bloating, control you hunger, manage your weight, good for your digestion and hydrate you as well.                             












 3. Lemon + Lime + Orange.  Obviously, these three is rich in vitamin C which will boost your immune response as well as preventing heartburns.   












4. Green tea + Mint + Lime.  Burn your fat belly with this preparation, it has fat burning effect, good for digestion, relieves headache and congestion, and also freshen your breath. 












5. Blackberries + Sage. Cleanse your body with this great antioxidant combo.










Reference: http://www.healthylifetricks.com                                                   

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