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Baby, Honey

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Honey was used topically to treat wounds by the Egyptians more than five millennia ago and the ancient Greeks believed that consuming honey could help make you live longer, BUT do you know that honey is a known source of the bacteria spores (Clostridium botulinum) that causes botulism especially when given to babies younger than one year old. The reason why is, their digestive system is not yet mature enough to remove the spores through the body. When the infant ingest it, the bacteria will multiply, and produce a toxin.

Infant botulism is frightening because it can cause muscle weakness and breathing problems. Other symptoms are:

  • failure to thrive

  • weak sucking

  • weak cry

  • decreased movement

  • excessive drooling

It is important to seek medical help immediately when you see the symptoms. The condition is very rare and treatable but still honey shoudn't be given to babies. Other possible source of botulism are canned foods that contain the toxin. Honey is 100% safe to older children and adults.


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