Astonishing Transformations After Using Glutathione

Glutathione "the master of antioxidant", this is one of the most powerful antioxidant you'll ever heard of. GSH is a small protein molecule composed of 3 amino acids: cysteine,glutamate, and glycine called GSH precursors or building blocks. GSH is produced out of these three precursors in every cell of the human body and performs many important roles, such as: Regulation of cell growth and division, DNA synthesis and repair, enhancement of systemic immune function and many more. Foods such as olives, olive oil, avocado, asparagus, broccoli, garlic, raw eggs, spinach and fresh meats may help your body make the glutathione it needs.

Many varieties of glutathione supplements are available now in the market, but nowadays it is not use as an antioxidant alone instead most of the people using glutathione as a whitening agent specially in Asia.

Here are 5 before and after photos of filipina celebrities who uses glutathione as a whitening agent:

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