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7 Important Roles Of A Nurse

No matter what the practice setting, the nurse assumes various roles and these seven roles are very important.

1. Caregiver

As a caregiver, the nurse assesses the patient, analyzes his needs, develops nursing diagnoses, and plans, delivers, and evaluates nursing interventions and patient outcomes.

2. Advocate

As an advocate, the nurse helps the patient and his family members interpret information from other health care providers, make decisions about health-related needs, and ensures the health, welfare, and safety of the patient. The nurse communicate client wishes to other members of the health care team.

The nurse should accept the patient’s decisions, even if they differ from the decisions the nurse would make.

3. Educator The nurse emphasize on health promotion and illness prevention.

As an educator, the nurse assesses learning needs, plans and implements teaching strategies to meet those needs, and evaluates the effectiveness of the teaching. 4. Coordinator

As a coordinator, the nurse practices leadership and manages time, people, resources, and the environment in which the nurse provides care.

The nurse carries out these tasks by directing, delegating, and coordinating activities.

5. Discharge planner As a discharge planner, the nurse assesses the patient’s needs for discharge starting at the time of admission, including the patient’s support systems and living situation.

The nurse must link the patient with available community resources. 6. Change agent As a change agent, the nurse works with the patient to address his health concerns and with staff members to address organizational and community concerns. The nurse employs a knowledge of change theory, which provides a framework for understanding the dynamics of change, human responses to change, and strategies for effecting change. The nurse serves as a role model in the community, assisting consumers in bringing about change to improve the environment, work conditions, or other factors that affect health. 7. Researcher As a researcher, the nurse takes part in nursing research, which promotes growth in the science of nursing and develops a scientifi c basis for nursing practice, and applies research findings to nursing practice.

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