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Fidget Spinners: More Than Just the Latest Fad

Whether it's twirling your hair, biting your nails or shaking your leg - we all fidget. In fact, several examinations on the topic prove that fidgeting is actually profitable on the mind and body. Much more than just a playground attraction, it’s with reason that the fidget spinners have become 2017’s biggest craze! Let’s take a look at the top 5 benefits of fidget spinners:

1. Appeasing effect

The fidget spinner is a good tool to be used by individuals who have ADHD, anxiety or autism. By providing an outlet to their different daily stressors, the spinner provides an overall calming effect that can be very advantageous in numerous types of situations.

2. Focus and Attention

A fidget spinner can be beneficial on long car rides - stimulating your mind and wakefulness. Furthermore, a spinner can even increase daily awareness by allowing you to pay attention to your surroundings, instead of staring down at your phone while taking a walk or riding the bus.

3. Replacing bad habits

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine states that the act of fidgeting can genuinely favour one’s health. In fact, using a spinner can actually be a huge aid in replacing negative behaviours such as nail biting and even smoking.

4. Increases memory

Several studies have shown that physical movement can help with different cognitive activities, such as thinking and expression. The same as doodling in class during a lecture helps certain students with concentration, using a subtle spinner can have this same positive effect on memory.

5. Stress reliever

Within the past decade, more and more evidence has supported the idea that sensory approaches, such as aromatherapy, fidget toys and music create a relaxing sensation and help regulate emotions. In this same sense, using a fidget spinner can help externalize stress.

Having recently exploded in popularity, fidget spinners are a huge source of entertainment and great conversation starters. Aside from such obvious gains, the gadget that resembles a tiny ceiling fan appears more advantageous than you could have imagined. Get spinning!

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