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Nontherapeutic ways of communicating

Nontherapeutic technique hinder an effective nurse-patient relationship. Avoid the following pitfalls when interacting.

1. Attacking and depending

-Getting angry or arguing with the patient

-Challenging the patient's belief

-Being defensive

2. Casting judgement

-Judging or criticizing the patient

-Giving approval or disapproval

3. Interrogating (or demanding)

-Asking the patient "why" questions

-Asking excessive, inappropriate, or leading questions

-Probing sensitive areas or making the patient feel uncomfortable

4. Minimizing

-Stereotyping the patient

-Not listening

-Not taking the patient's beliefs seriously

-Failing to maintain eye contact

-Changing the subject inappropriately

-Working on a task while the patient is talking to you

-Letting your mind wander during a conversation

-Using clinches

Nurse therapeutic communication

5. Giving advice

-Giving advice

-Offering false reassure

6. Pressuring

-Trying to talk the patient into accepting treatment

7. Running off at the mouth

-Talking on and on

-Not letting the patient respond

-Repeating a point you just made

-Interpreting or speculating on the dynamics of patient problems

-Making inappropriate comments

8. Rushing

-Responding to the patient before he or she finishes speaking

-Finishing sentences for the patient

9. Taking sides

-Joining attacks led by the patient

-Participating in criticism of staff members

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