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Basic IV Heparin Sodium Calculation

Heparin sodium is an anticoagulant for the prevention of clot formation. It is measured in units, IV heparin sodium is frequently ordered in units per hour and should be administered by an electronic infusion device. Because of the potential for hemorrhage or clots with incorrect dosage, careful monitoring of patients receiving heparin sodium is a critical nursing skill. The nurse is responsible for administering the correct dosage and for ensuring that the dosage is safe.


Heparin sodium order, dosage, vial, and amount to give should be checked by another nurse before the dose sodium is administered. Chec institution policy

Calculating Safe IV Heparin Sodium Flow Rate

When IV heparin sodium is ordered in units/h, use D/H x Q = R or ratio-proportion to calculate the flow rate in mL/h.

Here are some examples of Heparin Sodium Calculations:


Dosage calculation by Gloria D. Pickar, Beth Swart, Hope Graham, and Margaret Swedish

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